Tanjung Harapan,Port Klang

Tanjung Harapan is situated at Klang North Port where a lot of folks get together and enjoy their evening. Flying kites add colors to the sky as the sunset is hypnotic.


Tanjung Harapan Seafood
The fresh seafood cooked in various styles is said to be the Esplanade’s ultimate lure. Restaurateurs offer fair prices for their dishes as most of them get their fish, crabs and squids from nearby fishermen.
Most folks enjoy the shady surroundings while anglers chance to spot a good place to fish. The sound of the waves lapping and the cool breeze is enough to take away your daily life’s stress.


Getting to Tanjung Harapan
Tanjung Harapan is situated at North Port Klang. You can either drive towards the Federal Highway and heading to Port Klang. There is another route through North Klang Valley Expressway ( NKVE) toward Port Klang. Port Klang is not your ordinary port that full of sailors. In fact, its had divided to 3 ports that are North Port, South Port and West Port. The West is the largest among these ports and South is the smallest and caters more on bulk shipping and passenger ferry to Dumai, Indonesia. Some note that, this port city has a seedy feel to it and most of its buildings and structures are maritime-related, such as warehouses, storage tanks and offices.


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