Dong Zen Temple, Sungai Jenjarom, Selangor

For casual visitor, the best time to visit is during or near Chinese New Year. Additional lanterns are mounted and floral fests, floats, cultural exhibitions are staged. The festivities transformed the Dong Zen Temple into a magical wonderland at night . The best part ? Everything is free. Free parking, free washroom and free admission. Also, the organisation practises what it promotes; every staff member or volunteer is helpful and genuinely friendly.

Jenjarom is referred to locally as Ling Ka Long in Chinese (Hokkien). The charming little town has the highest number of motorcyclists riding without helmets in Malaysia. In addition, they usually have three or four kids riding pillion. So be extra cautious when you cruise through.

There are a number of seafood and Bak Kut Teh restaurants in town. If you are feeling unadventurous, Western fast food outlets abound further up in Banting town.

Driving direction:
The fastest and most practical route  to the Dong Zen Temple is via the KESAS Highway. From KL/ PJ, go westbound until you reach the Banting / Klang (Pandaraman Interchange). Turn left after the exit ramp and follow the well-spaced signs placed by the temple. Basically, drive towards the direction of Banting town. If you are in the right direction, you will pass through the little industrial township of Teluk Panglima Garang midway. Shortly after, you will see a forked exit to Carey Island. Keep on the main road to Banting and drive for another 5.8 km.

Upon arriving at the Jenjarom area, you need to turn right at a traffic light junction. This junction has a police station on the left and a 7-Eleven / RHB Bank on the right. After entering this road, drive straight until you see the big lantern-decked Dong Zen building on your right. Parking is ample and available within the temple grounds. Exit may be confusing as cars are routed through housing estates and villages at the back. Thankfully, there are some signs along the way. When you reach the main road, turn left to get back to KL or PJ.



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